State releases new safety video for Kalalau Valley - KITV Honolulu

That's what this is just about all about," said Cottrell.

"We could begin to see the appear in the woman's own eyes of desperation and wanting help. last month, they released the comparable video regarding Sacred Falls -- the website in which usually a 1999 landslide killed eight people. It can rise in the matter of 30 minutes," mentioned Jerry Rich of the Department associated with Property as well as All-natural resources Division regarding State Parks. Which implies rescues tend to be up.

They have got hope this one will ultimately conserve lives too.

In 2013, hefty rains stranded dozens regarding hikers overnight. Eric Wolfbrant watched together woman trying to cross the now raging river has been swept in order to her death.

Stunning valleys, majestic mountains and sparkling waters. I feel that has been one of your toughest parts," stated Wolfbrant.. Sometime soon you can finish up able to watch it in your cell phone or perhaps iPad too.

Click here to be able to watch Lara Yamada's report.

"We're reaching a point exactly where we now have to have out the particular info upon safety and preparedness inside a much larger audience which we're accustomed to handling. It catches people off guard. It's not necessarily really worth it."

DLNR's Dan Dennison says the particular video will be dispersed widely on state along with county websites and on various journey as well as tourism sites. DLNR says that will video has already garnered 17,000 hits.

But using nature, will come danger as well as with additional plus more guests getting that will risk. the problem is they're likely where they aren't supposed in order to go," mentioned Curt Cottrell, DNLR state parks assistant administrator.

"It can rise really quickly. "We tell them don't risk their lives. It's absolutely no wonder Kalalau Valley upon Kauai's North Shore is a visitor magnet.

The Department associated with Terrain along with natural resources features place collectively the six-minute video outlining the hazards as well as on approaches to prepare for that hike and also preserve your Hanakapiai Trail.

"Statewide, with parks trails, balance out of bound areas, hiking patronage will be up, which is great


Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show': Post writer was on the set in 2004 - Palm Beach Post

 "Let me hear you're making a number of noise!!!!"

 The one hundred giddy audience members on the shoebox-sized group of the The Particular Every Day Display using Jon Stewart are a lot much more than happy to oblige because they scream, wave, yelp and pump their particular fists in wide-eyed delight. Sometimes they obtain inside and start acting up, go inside the bathroom and do some blow. "It's crass along with puerile."

    Yet we just about all know nothing could be farther in the truth. Any time he spots any conservatively dressed older man, with regard to instance, Mercurio cracks, "How in regards in order to a hand with regard to (Gilligan Island's) Thurston Howell III."

    He then continues for you to poke enjoyable at Puerto Ricans, attorneys, nuns, an overly excited guy from Uruguay and even Stewart.

    but Paul Mercurio, the actual show's hyper warm-up man, isn't impressed.

    the crowd groans disapprovingly. He admits he by simply no means been aware of Stewart's demonstrate until his students informed him with regards to it.

    The Lady adds that will no one should even think about asking for a picture using Stewart or perhaps an autograph from him. I do know he's 30, via Vancouver and a stand-up comic. .

    Similar To how?

    "I'd rather not discuss it, but they've been taken care of. I see one lady in the wheelchair and two women journalists coming from Germany.

    It's 7:30 p.m. Along With Sen. His eyes dart around any lot, so you realize he doesn't miss a new trick. Vice presidential nominee John Edwards, regarding instance, usedStewart's Emmy-winning demonstrate to become able to announce his candidacy.

    "I can't read as well as the display is done phonetically," Stewart responds lightning fast.

    one woman talks about the joys of blogging. a tiny blue awning that merely says The Actual Every Day Display along with Jon Stewart is the just real hint that the actual TV display studio exists inside. Fake Newsman emerges to end up being able to say hello towards the crowd, sit powering the anchor desk and also host what has become TV's most favored - and funniest - satirical information program.

    And Also that's no real surprise coming from TV's savviest lampooner. "It'll simply just take a few hours.

    Pertaining To your 20 or perhaps so fans waiting early, Jack McGee, the show's head of security, provides a very essential message.

    "Show some more enthusiasm," he shouts towards the crowd as getting a disc jockey named Rocky spins deafening hefty metal jams. That is the reason viewership expires 25 percent from now final year.

    Most Dale desires to complete these days is "absorb as well as learn."

    Following chatting together with O'Reilly with regards to every thing from the war within Iraq to always be able to bongs within the green room, Stewart tells Mr. However ahead associated with the crowd can easily head for the exits, any production guy begins whispering within Stewart's ear. Stewartsheepishly pretends never to know very well what all regarding the fuss is actually about. He's tall and also balding. "This can become a good way for me personally to begin out out my birthday weekend."

    With about twenty minutes in order to 6, Terri Abrahams, Your Day-to-day Show's brassy audience coordinator, arrives out to inform everyone they cannot use cellphones, pagers or flash photography once inside the actual studio.

    While Stewart, seeking very Ted Koppel-like in the dark suit, gray shirt and also striped tie, walks on stage, your audience stands and cheers wildly. I see hip Gen-Xers in $200 camera cellphones and also kindly seeking grandmothers who tend to be in the position to don't forget when Jack Paar hosted the Tonight Display and movie tickets price $1. Stewart rolls his eyes.

    A Person asks Stewart why he co-wrote your bestselling America (The Book): Any Citizen's guide in order to Democracy Inaction, the faux government textbook.

    without established period regarding time associated with time involving cue cards or even a script, Stewart really does what only genuinely gifted performers are capable of doing - believe quickly and become funny.

    It's 2 hours just before showtime in this wonderfully balmy fall afternoon.

    "In your beginning, it utilized being older people," he says. "There's substance from what he's talking about."

    does Dale believe he can end up being the next Jon Stewart?

    "In my dreams," he says, laughing. "You can kick his a--.

    Comedy Central's Day-to-day Show is the hot button demonstrate of the divisive political season. The Actual kids these days are interested in politics compared for you to they utilized to be."

    McGee looks being a no-nonsense kind of guy you never wish to mess with. I hope you brought a sandwich."

    Stewart, of course, can be kidding.

    "I'm Jewish along with Jews manage your media," he says. The Actual demonstrate can be more than as well as Stewart thanks every person for coming. "Once you receive inside, you will not always be able to go."

    McGee looks as an interesting character. Now he's hooked. However I catch 'em along with consider care of it."


    Appeals to all ages


    In the event that there is any doubt about Stewart's broad-based appeal, it's on complete display today. And Also when the show aired are living following the first presidential debate, an astonishing 2.4 million viewers tuned in - the most inside the show's eight-year history.

    Here arrives an announcement. John Kerry yukked up with Stewart inside August.

    "Upper lip, sweetie, upper lip," Abrahams says to one woman.

    I surprise how the audience for the show has evolved over the years.

    "Jon can be a bit (guy)," Mercurio sniffs.

    "I just like the satire along with I just just like the fact that he's always shooting along the sacred cows," says the particular 47-year-old Tennessee native. I want a little truth in order to occur out. In Which implies Mercurio's moment is actually up. "Today it's a lot more or perhaps less folks among 18 to 34. No one trekked to The Particular daily Show's midtown Manhattan studios to see a few mysterious warm-up guy.

    "I thought they didn't similar to me," the lady says. Older, Wall Street-type guys in suits and also ties. "Don't help make me hurt you inside your studio."


    Mastering from the master


    Again inside which raucous studio, I'm sitting next to some bald guy named Dale. "And I'm sick and exhausted of the shams. It's inside individuals fleeting moments in areas you obtain a great appreciation involving just the thing in which makes Stewart and the present thus popular.

    next question. Your show, however, is a couple associated with weeks before Reilly would be accused regarding sexual harassment with a female producer from Fox News.

    "Sounds being a crack problem," he says.


    Studio building unimposing


    It's an straightforward job to miss The Particular Every Day Show's West 54th Street headquarters/studio - any mere 4 blocks via my previous substantial school, through the method - simply because it's inside a nondescript, two-story, burgundy-brick building. I want somebody to see some associated with the issues I discover and Jon really does which pertaining to me."

    David Mulkins teaches secondary school social studies within The Large Apple City. Fox news Star within a commercial break which he often finds him "interesting as well as surprising."

    From the particular time, I'm sure Stewart couldn't know how prophetic these words would be.

    Stewart acts as if he's intimidated by the big, poor O'Reilly.

    "Anyone that has to utilize the particular restroom please range up within front," McGee says inside a whispery, thick-as-mustard Noo Yawk accent.

    Pertaining To now, however, the crowd is assigned to Mercurio. "But I never forgot with regards to it.

    Amazingly, Your Every Day Display is becoming a key venue with regard to vote-hungry politicians. "I have zero idea that which you just said."

    another person desires to recognize why the letters around the TeleprompTer are usually consequently big.

    "I don't look after this program and I don't watch it," he says sternly.

    Frances Helen Guest, 79, may be to the Day-to-day Show twice and also agrees together with every small thing Stewart says. He's really insecure."

    It's 6:30 p.m. An Individual know, an individual obtain a couple of small children who can end up being located in using a couple of drinks inside 'em. "He can really notice by means of issues and also a few associated with the shams that we're becoming fed," she says.

    "He's bigger than me," he says.

    "He's kinda sexy," your 32-year-old Reisinger says, smiling devilishly. "In his satire he demonstrates to become able to you the way your media, also as public officials, mold just how we think and just how they distort truths or perhaps lie."

    Joan Hervey, who lives within Plainsfield, N.J., says your woman waited 10 months to get your ex tickets following buying all of them last winter. Jon Stewart is actually one of the particular smartest individuals about TV and his commentators and writers are usually astute and extremely brilliant."

    while Kristin Reisinger additionally thinks Stewart will be smart, the girl appreciates his additional attributes as well.

    I discover youthful ladies inside eye-catching low-riders.

    "I've simply missed 1 week since I've been here," McGee says proudly. Nevertheless don't stare. Folks are usually currently needs to range up.

    "I've had to straighten folks out after they learn they are not receiving in," he says matter-of-factly. A New couple of Every Day Show fans have found that out the actual difficult method over the years.

    He says he likes Stewart's comedic point involving view. "I want you in order to definitely blow the roof off this joint."

    It's 6:20 p.m. - 10 minutes prior to Mr. He won't figure out his final name.

    "He doesn't just tell jokes," Dale says. "Please possess my back."

    Using only a couple regarding minutes just before taping, Stewart requires a couple of questions from the audience. I discover McGee continues to end up being able to be the particular head safety guy since the days when snarky Craig Kilborn ran your place. during your week of the Republican National Convention, Your Every Day Display averaged 1.4 million viewers.

    30 Rock, it's not.

    "We have 1 extra factor to complete simply because I does some thing wrong," Stewart says sadly.

    the guest with regard to this night's taping is actually Fox Information commentator Bill O'Reilly


Events commemorate 70th anniversary of atomic attacks -

-- Peace action associated with Staten Island (PASI), in supplement to ISLA and the Social Justice Committee in the Unitarian Church involving Staten Island, will maintain 2 events commemorating your 70th anniversary of the United States' atomic attacks about Japan. 

"Many of these survivors tend to be inside their 80s," Jones said.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. Food, including sushi as well as macron salad, will most likely be served.

The 2nd event will take place Sunday, Aug. "We possess to take in their stories thus folks keep within mind what went down no Hisroshimas as well as Nagasakis occur again."

At 7 p.m. they will include an origami station with regard to children, performances simply by a few of Staten Island's musicians, and the re-telling involving some of the Hibakusha's personal stories. George.

Sally Jones, the board member in PASI, stated it is essential to never forget your events which destroyed therefore many lives.

The event, which will just take place at the Unitarian Church involving Staten Island, New Brighton, will start by getting an 11 a.m. Attendees is planning to be handled to popcorn, cookies, iced tea, lemonade along with chocolate milk.

Several understanding stations will be available afterward. 6, the date the particular bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. . there is likely to be a new screening in the award-winning documentary Nuclear Savage, simply by Adam Jonas Horowitz.

PASI, among the primary organizations behind the actual events, can always be a grassroots organization dedicated towards the non-violent resolution associated with conflicts and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The museum will be found at 75 Stuyvesant Place, St. 9, the particular date your bomb ended up being dropped in Nagasaki.

The first event will take place at the Staten Island Museum on Thursday, Aug. The idea actually indicates "explosion-affected people." 

There is a suggested $5 donation. service honoring your Hibakusha, which is your Japenese word for anyone affected by the atomic attacks upon Japan


London pub owner jailed for 7 years after killing rich American who looked ... - Boing Boing

When your man, 53-year-old Charles Hickox, that happened to become a wealthy American gambler along with drifter, ordered 3 bottles of costly Italian wine, Notarki served him cheaper bottles. He then kicked Hickox out with the pub without returning his credit rating card.

Hickox became irate.

For much more details click here.

The victim pushed the particular landlord utilizing among the particular racquets after which ran off, pursued simply by Notarki carrying an ironing board, and his son Kian wielding an iron bar.

Once outside, Hickox had been "jabbed" using the ironing board, which pushed him in in order to the traffic.


. The Actual man ended up being then hit and killed through an oncoming van. Apparently, Notarki, owner involving The Actual Cardinal Wolsey pub throughout south-west London, didn't just take kindly towards the man, which came into his pub carrying blue plastic bags along with talking to his a couple of toy mice.

When the victim realised your Visa card he used to pay for that wine ended up being missing, he went back with a tennis racquet within every hand to become able to demand it back, getting advised his companions he might "have to compromise some ribs to get it".

Rostam Notarki can be becoming sentenced for you to seven many years throughout prison regarding shoving a shabby-looking man from his pub with an ironing board


City 'Skate Legend' Remembered at Disco-Music-Filled Memorial - DNAinfo

"No matter the quantity of falls he had, he'd end up being right back upon his skates," Davis said. He had been recognized throughout your city's skating rinks and nightclubs pertaining to his moves and expertise.

"He was just the lovely man, he just loved life. Attendees with his memorial upon Wednesday dressed up in purple within his memory. He was obviously a leader of the movement."

 known as

Identified as "The Skate Guru," Lezly Ziering founded the particular Central Park Dance Skaters Association along with Crazy Legs Skate Club, as well as taught thousands of students the skill of roller dance. View Complete Caption

Facebook/Central Park Dance Skaters Association

The "Skate Guru" achieved his wife, Robbin, although roller dancing from Central Park, and furthermore the 2 got married in skates. "Lezly really stood with regard to unconditional love. He ended up being often about fun, and dancing, and skating, really adore and also creativity and positivity."

Red as well as purple balloons floated inside the basement as disco tunes played, a new nod to the decades regarding music your roller-dance teacher skated through.

"It didn't matter what race you were, in the large event you loved in order to skate in quads -- which in turn is a spiritual expression involving which we are -- Lezly assisted you tend to be doing it," mentioned longtime good friend Bob 'DJ big Bob' Clayton, which spun tunes regarding Ziering.

"Even the particular rabbi had been about skates," Robbin Ziering said. Folks affectionately known as him "The Bionic Man," "Destiny" along with "Fred Astaire in Roller Skates," in order to title the few, nevertheless he ended up being the majority of well-known as "The Skate Guru."

The roller dance legend passed away throughout his Manhattan residence and also was cremated shortly next his July 16 death.

Manhattan's Hebrew Union University would become a sea regarding purple as mourners flooded within through the dozens, dressed in Ziering's favorite color.

roller skates

"This is precisely what Lezly wanted," former student and performer Lynna Davis said of the celebration.. "We were built together with a wonderful marriage."

Ziering has been known for rolling about eight wheels all through the five boroughs, including spots similar to Dreamland Arena, Sweet Ruby's, along with Metropolis.

He added acting, directing, writing, and hang up designing for you to his repertoire more than the particular years, and also the eccentic globetrotter was also known to communicate backwards on occasion, pals added.

"Skate Guru" Lezly Ziering's favorite color ended up being purple, family and friends said. "It has been like nothing could quit him. Several attendees credited him using introducing them to their own 1st couple of skates.

NEW YORK CITY -- Lezly Ziering was a man of numerous names.  

Friends, family, and members of the city's roller-skating community gathered Wednesday to don't forget Ziering, who died about July 16 in 82 a prolonged time old.

He set up "The Lezly Dance & Skate School" inside the 1970s along with took your time and also energy to discover what they are called of each and also every associated with his students, in accordance with friends. He taught indoor and outdoor rollerskating, roller dance, in addition to ballet, jazz, tap, African, and Latin dance classes.

Family and buddies stated that they didn't know the exact trigger associated with death, but based on Robbin Ziering, he suffered from pneumonia.

Ziering, an expert dancer whom took his talents on wheels, founded the actual Central Park Dance Skaters Association and Brooklyn's Crazy Legs Skate Club. Photo credit: DNAinfo/Camille Bautista

When the particular famed Roxy closed inside 2007 as well as the variety of areas exactly where 1 could lace up began to dwindle, Ziering opened Crazy Legs Skate Club throughout Bedford-Stuyvesant.

His well being declined after being sidelined with a skating accident within 2012 as well as through his career, he had undergone knee replacements, a new hip replacement, along with spinal surgery, buddies said.

"There ended up being absolutely no far better skater or even dancer around than Lezly, and he gave his coronary heart as well as soul towards the skate world."

While tears flowed in Wednesday's memorial, tributes served as a celebration associated with Ziering's life, using jokes, songs, as well as dancing. He has been planning to skate until the past moment his wheels would roll."

"That endurance he had -- it was the really extraordinary time," stated good friend Suzanne Maxx. He loved everybody


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